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Series 7,30 months later…

Back in February 2014, approximately 30 months ago, I wrote up my first impressions of the Windsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes that my most excellent wife bought me for the Christmas before. These were not a cheap investment, after two and a half years, how are they doing? Continue reading

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State of Play

‘All New War’ version of Warmachine and Hordes hit the streets back in June, so some kind of review is probably in order. However, rather than talk about rules changes in anything but the broadest terms, an overview of the entire WarmaHordes eco-system is in order. Continue reading

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Painting Miniatures A to Z

One of the reasons Infinity (the Game) has a repution of having some of the best minitures in the industry is down to one of their staff painters, an extremely talently gentleman by the name of Angel Giraldez. After producing various painting guides for Vallejo’s paint set, including the Non-Metallic Metal set, Angel self published his first book early this year, entitled ‘Painting miniatures from A to Z’ Masterclass Volume 1. Continue reading