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Series 7,30 months later…

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Back in February 2014, approximately 30 months ago, I wrote up my first impressions of the Windsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes that my most excellent wife bought me for the Christmas before. These were not a cheap investment, after two and a half years, how are they doing?

The short answer is very well!

My collection includes brushes from 000 to size 3 (excluding 00). Of those, all have been used except the size 0; but to be perfectly honest, I have used the size 2 by far the most (this is absolutely my favourite paint brush) with the size 1 complementing it when I need to do two brush blending.

These two have been used to paint a good selection of my Retribution and Cygnar, all of my Infinity stuff, and all of my Convergence army, with the size 2 getting the most abuse. And despite losing a few bristles along the way, it is still going strong.

One of the big things has been to look after these brushes properly. As you can see from the blurry photos my abused size 2 appreciates its brush soap treatments, and still forms a nice sharp point. Sharp enough that I normally use this brush from fine detail work such as dotting eyes.

So 30 months on, I’m very happy with my Series 7s. They might be expensive, and but they have lasted longer than any of the cheaper brushes I own (which are now all on drybrushing or varnishing duties). Still impressed.

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