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While I Was Gone

So, its October 2016 and I am very much aware I have not updated this blog for over ten months. And this is not because I have dropped out of the hobby, or fallen off the face of the planet; which is hopeful obvious if anyone is following the Facebook page. Continue reading

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Journeyman Leagues, Nomads and Stuff

Firstly, some apologies (damn I hate doing these all the time). Life has generally got in the way of blogging over the last few months. This is likely to continue for a bit, so please bear with me, or follow the Anything Worth Doing page on Facebook for slightly more regular updates. Continue reading

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Painting Miniatures A to Z

One of the reasons Infinity (the Game) has a repution of having some of the best minitures in the industry is down to one of their staff painters, an extremely talently gentleman by the name of Angel Giraldez. After producing various painting guides for Vallejo’s paint set, including the Non-Metallic Metal set, Angel self published his first book early this year, entitled ‘Painting miniatures from A to Z’ Masterclass Volume 1. Continue reading