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Infinity Terrain, from Ikea (and big fish)

Getting a full 4′ x 4′ board together for Infinity is one of bigger challenges of playing this game. Everyone is happy to get their own armies built and painted, but most wargamers tend to consider terrain as a distant second place thing. Continue reading

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Before anyone says anything, yes, I have been neglecting my blogging duties. This is a function of real life, family and work over the first half of this year. None of these things have calmed down significantly, however I am back at least at a point where hobby stuff can happen again. Continue reading

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The 2012 Review

With only a few days left of the year, I thought a review of 2012 was probably in order. Actually, this is largely an excuse for me to ramble on about nothing in particular (as if I needed an excuse) and reflect upon my first whole year living in a foreign country. Continue reading