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Before anyone says anything, yes, I have been neglecting my blogging duties. This is a function of real life, family and work over the first half of this year. None of these things have calmed down significantly, however I am back at least at a point where hobby stuff can happen again.

The other little distraction has been a little game called ‘Infinity’. I have mentioned this before, but now with several locals onboard and staring down the same rabbit hole (and starring at super pretty miniatures) we will be actually playing over this game over the summer.

In preparation for this, we have needed to upgrade our scenery somewhat because if there’s one thing you need for Infinity, it is lots of scenery. And not the scenery that you could use for Warmachine or Warhammer 40000, Infinity places quite specific requirements on terrain. In fairness, we could have started with the card stuff from Operation: Ice Storm, but I wanted something more solid…

So enter a host of small companies selling sci fi terrain, more often than not made from laser cut mdf or hdf. Infinity, more than most games, seems to have spawned an entire ecosystem of other small companies producing accessories and scenery. Over the coming weeks I will look at the ones I have dealt and a few specific products, starting with a small Spanish company called Terrakami. Terrakami Games make a limited range of sci-fi scatter scenery as well as a few larger pieces like their maglev train.

My plan for a game board includes a container port. I mean, most action movies include a shoot out scene in a container port.

There are plenty of different pieces of scatter terrain on the market to do this, however Terrakami’s low cost containers look incredibly sensible and fill this role perfectly. I purchased a set of both the large and medium containers. These are made from laser cut mdf (this will be a theme) and are very simple to put together. And for the record, all of this style of terrain smells strongly of burning wood when unwrapped for the first time.

Anyway, as scenery pieces for Infinity these containers work perfectly, even including an obvious ladder so grunts can climb onto them. At less than four euros each these are a bargain.

Terrakami Containers

I also picked up a set of cargo boxes. Again, these are simple, but the mdf frame they come on also included some laser cut shapes to use as airbrush stencils which is a nice touch.

Terrakami ConsoleFinally, I also got some of Terrakami’s consoles and a tac table. These pieces integrate clear acrylic elements to look appropriately sci-fi, and are meant as objectives in the game.

So far, I have painted the tac table and containers, and using the airbrush (and some airbrush stencils from Customeeple) these have come up rather nicely. Actually, this probably deserves a special mention because this is the first stuff I have painted with specific airbrush paints, in this case Vallejo’s Model Air and Game Air paints, and these are vastly superior to thinning traditional paints from the GW or P3 lines.

Overall as my first encounter with this type of terrain, I am super impressed, especially at the price point. Better still, I had some minor challenges with my order and Terrakami’s customer service was quick, friendly, and fixed those problems with zero fuss, which is really really good. Hopefully Terrakami continue to grow their range and come up with more great stuff!

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