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Building a Better Dice Bag

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As you may or may not be aware, my far better half has a little business making homes for those random number generators that appear in most games.

These dice bags are pretty special to begin with; with their square based bottoms, integrated card holders, and pen straps. And understandably, I have a few already. OK, I have one for almost every army I own.

So, starting on my Convergence of Cyriss army, it is not surprising I asked the boss to stitch up yet another bag with some flimsy promises of getting the kids out of the way for a few hours. It might seem strange to some, but as I already know how I want to paint my robots, I also had a very good idea how this little accessory should look, and I knew it was going to ‘need’ a few small upgrades.

The first upgrade was the fabric. KOed dice bags are normally made from cotton drill (assuming they are going to be embroidered), however a few months ago we did a ‘crazy chaos‘ bag made up of ten different fabrics, including a spare piece of suedette on the bottom. Suitably inspired, the original idea was to use white suedette, however we found a piece in dark grey instead which worked just as well.

As this material is thicker and tougher than cotton, the sides of this bag are not padded, although the base still padded to prevent dice clattering when they are thrown into the bag. As well as having a matt appearance, which is why I wanted it, this fabric is also really strokable and tactile.

The second upgrade is the lining, this is heavy weight white cotton drill. With the suedette, this provides more than enough protection, and because the walls of the bag are not padded, it is also very slighty bigger on the inside than a standard dice bag. The white also makes it easy to find any tokens inside the bag, or anything else for that matter.

As with all of the KOed ‘Centurion’ styled bags, this has a strap to hold any stat cards which will be more than suffice to hold my complete Cyriss deck, or an iPod.

The final upgrade is a D-ring on the back. This addition is there to attach my dice bag to the outside of my Battlefoam case, but could also be used for keys I suppose. To finish off, I also have the new ‘Anything Worth Doing’ logo on here as a bit of publicity for the blog.

So there it is. Dice bag number eight in my collection. Now all I have to do is build and paint the army to go with it…

One thought on “Building a Better Dice Bag

  1. Love the bag!!! Jealous….

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