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Painting Miniatures A to Z

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One of the reasons Infinity (the Game) has a repution of having some of the best minitures in the industry is down to one of their staff painters, an extremely talently gentleman by the name of Angel Giraldez. After producing various painting guides for Vallejo’s paint set, including the Non-Metallic Metal set, Angel self published his first book early this year, entitled ‘Painting miniatures from A to Z’ Masterclass Volume 1.

As I have set myself the task of pushing my painting skills on my Nomads, I picked up this book as a natural progression from the NMM set I have been playing with (and should also review). Before we start, first things first, at first glance this book does not represent fantastic value for money at almost £30.

P1010586It is a mere 118 pages softback. And things are worse if you are expecting a complete guide to miniature painting. This book is not that, and assumes the reader already has a good grasp of most painting techniques. If you want to learn about colour theory, basing, two brush bending, or how to shade/highlight with paints outside the Vallejo ranges, look elsewhere.

In addition to this 80% of book consists of step by step guides, and as a consequence it is a bit light on technique and theory. In my old Citadel Painting Guide this was my least favorite part of that book, so this is a black mark before we begin.

Despite all of this, I like this book. A lot.

To start with, the book comes with a exclusive Joan of Arc miniature for Infinity. This is a beautiful sculpt and obviously a bonus if you play the game or want to follow Angel’s painting guide on this specific miniature.

The book itself is a walk-through Angel’s own painting style and the tools he uses day to day. He opens with the ‘Angel Giraldez’s Method’, describing how he does the basics using both traditional painting techniques and airbrushes. He goes on to the list the tools he uses which unsurprisingly are centered around the Vallejo paint ranges but also include Harder & Steenbach airbrushes.

Then we have ten pages of tips,tricks, and techniques such as glazes and NMM. As I consider myself an immediate level painter, this is the most useful part of the book from my point of view and is something I will refer back to again and again. 10 out of 10. Insert BIG gold star here. Good stuff!


The majority of the book consists of 11 step by step guides on different miniatures. Rather than highlight every single step involved, these guides cover specific techniques and areas of the miniature, and the paint recipes involved. So for example, detail work on the Gecko’s isn’t covered in any… detail. Despite the shortcomings, these guides are really interesting and useful, and full of things that you can apply to your own painting, especially for painters more advanced than myself.

So is this book worth it? Yes, but not for everyone. If you are really into miniature painting and you are looking to push yourself, this book is a great launchpad to better and greater things, especially if you have an airbrush. If you are just starting out then this book won’t be for you I’m afraid.

For me, it has already been useful and has already helped me improve my painting on a few test miniatures, so a big thumbs up! Now just need more time to practice!

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