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Army in Motion


About 18 months ago I picked up one of the standard Battlefoam Warmachine bags and bar some minor bug points, its been absolutely great. It is more than big enough to transport either my entire Retribution or my entire Cygnar collection. This said, I don’t normally need that many models.

Travelling to the local club by car this is not an issue, however I have a few international trips in mind for the coming year and I wanted something a little smaller. By strange coincidence Battlefoam now have a bag to cover this. And following their latest Black Friday sale, so do I.

As I only found one other review online, a write up is in order…

Storage for Toys

The important bit for any army case is the foam. The PP Tournament bag uses Battlefoam’s PP half trays. This makes it very modular with the bigger bag and most the battle engine/colossal trays. In the standard loadout it comes with 15″ foam including three infantry, two medium infantry, one warjack and one 4″ pluck foam tray, plus a single topper. This is an overly tight fit my liking, however these trays will be very useful for my Convergence when I eventually get to them.

In the case of my Cygnar, there is enough room for my Stormwall, a warjack tray, a medium infantry tray, and two infantry trays. I’m hoping this will be enough room for three Iron Gauntlet lists, but I suspect it is going to require a little extra list planning. However, if you are doing a two list 50 point event, this thing is the perfect size.

Talking about foam, it should be noted the Battlfoam stuff is firmer than KR’s or Feldherr’s. This has pros and cons. On the minus side, it is a little harsher on the models, on the plus side, it keeps its shape better and doesn’t flop around when loaded with heavy miniatures.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

The big selling point of the standard Warmachine bag is all of the additional pockets for the various accessories for the game. This is cool, but the Tournament bag does this better in my humble opinion.

To start with the Tournament bag loses the large folder section at the back of the normal bag, however the most useful thing in there, the card holders, are moved to the inside of the main compartment. This is at the expense of the slip pocket that the original bag has which is a shame because I use that for Steamroller zones, but I can live with this.

On the outside we have three pockets, all much deeper than any of the pockets on the original bag. The half height zip pocket on the back is tall enough to take a 5″ blast template, and big enough to hold any tokens, tape measures, and dice you might be carrying. This is also a perfect size for finding stuff mid-game.

The pockets on the sides of the bag are approximately A4. The ‘flap’ pocket is padded on the outside and is designed to fit an iPad, very handy as this in the one thing that doesn’t fit very well in my bigger bag. As an aside, I use War Room all the time now when playing casual games these days so this is super useful.

The opposite large pocket has a zip and is suitable to dump anything else you might need into. I suspect this was originally designed to fit the main rulebook or a faction book.

Build Quality

While I’m not a massive fan of Battlefoam’s foam, their bags are excellent and this Tournament bag seems very very solid. Unlike the older Warmachine bag, this one has a rubber handle and rivets holding the top panel together which is a big improvement; and it might be my imagination, but the plastic panels on each side also seem heavier than those in the older bag.

It also has an area on the front for attaching velcro patches and a slot on the back for hiding a business card in case your bag gets misplaced. All very nice touches.

Overall, this is a really nice product. If you already have one of the normal Warmachine bags or a KR case, it is very difficult to justify investing in one of these because they are not cheap. But for anyone travelling with a modest collection of models, for example for two 50 point tournament lists, I think this is the nicest transport solution I’ve seen so far.

Additional Storage

Before I sign off, its probably also worth mentioning how I store any additional Battlefoam trays when they are not living in one of the two bags. It just so happens that 12 litre Really Useful Boxes are an absolutely perfect fit for the standard Battlefoam Privateer Press foam trays, and they are readily available, at least in the UK. Unfortunately these boxes are just under 6 inches tall so the Colossal and Storm Strider trays are slightly too tall, but I have other solutions for those.

Really Useful Box

3 thoughts on “Army in Motion

  1. I recommend Kaiser Rushforth foam and bags. They do custom-cut trays for 11 armies of “War Machine and Hordes”.
    I use Kaiser Rushford cardboard cases filled with cutom cut or standard spaces for 28mm figures in a size “Treble” black zip-up case. You can swap out the cardboard cases if using a different army selection of figures that day, but I prefer a selection big enough to just “pick up the case and go” (I keep Rulebook and Army Book and Templates and Army Lists all in the same single case)

    • I have one of the small KR cases which was great for plastic 40K miniatures, but the foam is a bit floppy for heavier metal stuff. This said, the modularity of their system is nice. But overall, I much prefer Battlefoam’s bags (but that’s me).

      • Horses for courses, glad you’ve found a solution that works well.
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (God jul och gott nytt år)

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