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Templates and Widgets

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Widgets are great. These are little measuring devices that help whilst playing tabletop games, and Warmachine in particular loves them because there are a lot of precise measurement involved.

The standard Warmachine template set comes with a 1″ x 2″ x 0.5″ for measuring melee ranges and it is one of the tools I use the most whilst playing. While this baby widget is great, there are bigger and better widgets on the market. Broken Egg Games, Muse on Stores, and Advanced Deployment all sell a 5″ x 2″ tool which can be used to measure melee ranges, 3″ advance ranges (this is very common with spell effects, and also useful for reforming units), and 5″ (good for stealth, countermeasures and many other situations). This combination makes this widget almost perfect for Retribution, but unfortunately all of these suppliers are in the US.

Enter Templates and Widgets, a small company based in Austria. In Europe. That bit is important as it makes the whole purchasing experience much simpler for us Europeans and avoids problems with customs.

These guys can cut all of the normal templates and widgets, and as Warmachine players themselves, they seem to know what they are doing. They can also do custom designs if you have anything special in mind.  For example, the Charge o meter created for

I ordered up two of their medium widgets and two sets of AoE blast widgets, and damn useful they are too. And unlike other widgets I have seen, these ones are also marked every inch around the perimeter which is handy.


Appropriately impressed.

The one thing I did do on the orange widgets was highlight the markings with white paint to make them more readable. While this isn’t necessary, my old man eyes appreciate it.

If you would like to see more of their stuff, cruise over to their website, or see Bernhard in person at SmogCon in Guildford on the 21-23rd February.


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