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Spooky Robots

OK, this blog post will be posted after Halloween, but Halloween was close enough for our club for hold a Halloween themed Warmachine tournament on the 30th October. This came at the end of six weeks of Journeyman League, so everyone was keen to crack out of the big guns after the limitations of the league. Continue reading


Converging on Convergence

Ever since the launch of Warmachine MK3 some of my friends here have been muttering about running a Journeyman League. Well, June turned to July, then August and nothing happened. But with the summer over, September seemed a natural time to reboot some Warmachine love! Continue reading

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Converging on Cyriss

The biggest of the big announcements from Privateer Press at this year’s TempleCon was the introduction of a seventh Warmachine faction, the Convergence of Cyriss. The followers of the clockwork goddess have been in the Iron Kingdoms background for a long time so it is not hugely surprising that they got added to the pantheon of playable factions. Continue reading