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Microart Studios

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For my second Infinity partner focus I’m going to talk about Microart Studios. This Polish company has been around for some years and started with resin bases and conversion pieces, which I have used for my Blood Angels and Eldar.

They have since expanded into terrain, tokens and a myriad of other wargaming accessories, in particular for Infinity. To start with I ordered their Infinity templates which are suitably sci-fi, a couple of bits of scenery, and one of the Infinity themed playmats. I also picked up one of their new 15mm token sets for a friend, and while nice, these seemed a little small for my old man eyes. This said, the 25mm diameter tokens are sweet.

While their templates are appropriately ‘sci-fi’, and come in different colours, they are templates and not hugely interesting. The two scenery packs on the other hands are a different story.


The smaller of the two packages I bought was Microart’s holo signs. These are hdf frames holding pre-printed transparent acryllic pieces. These are fantastically characterful and could be out of any near-future sci-fi movie. Think Blade Runner or Appleseed and you will get the idea.

The building I picked up was the guard house. This is the smallest of Microart’s Infinity hdf buildings, two stores and measuring approximately four inches in all of the important directions. This looks great once painted and went together easily, however all of the pieces are very tight fitting so my one has locked doors. If I get any of their other buildings, I will do some work on them to make sure they can be disassembled to access the interior.

Finally, I also pickup one of the Microart Infinity Playmats. This thing is brillant in my opinion. It is basically a 4′ x 4′ mousemat with a printed play surface. The one I have is the Warehouse design, which looks less clean than the District 5 or Ice Storm mats. This will be perfect for my container port table.


That little project is on hold at the moment until I have some of my Nomads painted. This evening I added a Hellcat Hacker to the finished pile along with half of the Nomad Starter box, so I’m making some progress, but more on that another time.

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