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Storage Issues

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My Retribution of Scyrah army has come a long way in the last two years. For an army that was only ever going to be played at 15 points, it has grown a bit bigger than that…

Up until recently, almost everything fitted in one Games Workshop hard figure case, contained in two foam trays. This kept everything nice and safe, especially on a long trip back to England last year in the back of the car. Then I added the Invictors, and Battle Mages, and a second unit of Stormfall Archers, and some other models; so I needed to use a small Feldherr case as well.

This was fine, because I always carried around a small messenger bag for all the other bits and pieces required for Warmachine such as my dice, templates, the Steamroller pack, and very occasionally a tournament tray. Carrying a figure case and shoulder bag was not a big deal. However, adding the Hyperion, and then with everything else I haven’t even built yet, I am going to have a storage issue for this army.

Thankfully there are plenty of storage solutions on the market and it has to be said, I already own a few of them. However the colossal in particular was going to be awkward, and I was very keen to keep all of my Retribution in a single case if possible. After checking out KR Multicase, Feldherr, and others, I decided to go for the most expensive solution, a Battlefoam Warmachine bag.

OK, in fairness, this probably an over the top solution, but as my Warmachine stuff occasionally travels with me on holiday, I wanted something solid enough to survive in the back of my car together with all the other stuff we take on holiday (and with three kids, we do not travel light). I also had an unexpected bonus hit my bank account, so while this bag was expensive, that wasn’t a problem.

I also really liked the option to have custom foam trays and a standard tray option for carrying my Mage Hunters which took up a lot of space in the old GW case. The flip side of this was that the bag took a really long to get here because the custom foam is made in the US and then shipped to England. However my custom half tray (for the jacks) was around £10 which wasn’t too bad.

Almost two months later, a very nice guy from UPS delivered my new Battlefoam bag this afternoon. A review is in order methinks.

First impressions are very good. The case itself is a good deal bigger than either my Feldherr Maxi or any of my normal GW cases. Thankfully it isn’t as awkward to carry as either my big GW army case or my very old Charon Skirmish Pack. I was a little disappointed that this case seems to be the older version of the Warmachine case without the additional reinforcement on the top panel so I guess those newer bags are only available in the US; but the strap looks better than I expected (more on that later).

After hearing a few horror stories about Battlefoam’s foam, I have to say I’m actually very impressed with it. It is no where near as soft as the stuff KR uses, but it seems pretty similar to the GW or Feldherr foam. The denser base layer is a great idea and I like that, especially as a tray full of Warmachine models can be quite heavy.

The trays themselves are designed very well. The standard infantry tray fits most of the Retribution models I have very well, and the Mage Hunter tray is ace. I haven’t used the Hyperion tray yet, but my custom heavy myrmidon tray fits my heavies perfectly.

The big selling point of the Battlefoam Warmachine bag is all of the extra storage it has. Apart from the drinks holder which could be bigger (ie big enough to fit my dicebag); this is all really useful. The three front pockets have my Steamroller folder, templates, and tape measure; the big side pocket has my dicebag and tokens; and then there’s the compartment on the back.

The back section of the bag is specifically designed to carry all the stuff you need to play Warmachine. The eight card pockets are perfect for separating cards for Warcasters, Warjacks, Units and Solos; plus we have a binder for nine card leaves, which is handy as I use those.

Opposite, there are four pen holders for dry wipe markers. Unfortunately these are a little small for the markers I have, and the stitching from one of the pen straps has come away at the corner. This is a little annoying, but very minor (Ruth could probably fix this in a couple of seconds).

Fully loaded, this section of the bag has plenty of space to also carry my tournament tray which is great.

The one thing I have done is replaced the shoulder strap with something a bit more solid and comfortable from an old laptop bag. The handle on the top of the bag seems ok, but I do not think I would trust it once the bag is fully loaded. The connections for the shoulder strap on the other hand wrap underneath the bag and look much better.

Overall, I have to say I’m impressed. For essentially a soft bag, it is far more solid than either my Feldherr or Charon bags, thanks to the big plastic panels sewn into all six sides of the bag. It is not, however, as solid as a hard case.

Storage wise, I think it will handle my Retribution if I do not add too much more. I am already using every tray, although the second infantry tray is only holding six Battle Mages at the moment. Without the Hyperion, there would be plenty of spare room, but the big reason to get this case was to carry the big boy with everything else.

The foam trays themselves are great and I suspect I will be investing in some spares.

Even with all the little criticisms , I really like this bag and hopefully it will serve me well for a long time to come. And as a bonus, my Cygnar stuff finally has a GW case to call their very own.

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