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Sometime ago I picked up Infinity 2nd edition and the Human Sphere expansion book. As a ‘hard’ sci-fi game I’ve been keen to come back this, which has been tricky because Warmachine is my main drug of choice at the moment.

289503_1Anyway, while at Gothcon this past weekend, I managed to get in two demo games, and I have to say, I am rather impressed with this game. In my inital demo, against my eldest son, we played a simple four on four gun fight on the Operation Ice Storm scenery. My ability to roll criticals like a boss aside, this was a good introduction. As I was not so impressed by the card scenery, and I didn’t need a PanOceania force, I skipped the two player boxset (which wasn’t available) and I am now a proud owner of a new Nomad Starter Box (which was available).

As a side point, Infinity has a really low entry cost compared to most table top games. The starter sets are on par with the Warmachine/Hordes battleboxes, but the core rules (now in their 3rd edition) and all of the model rules are available as free PDFs. Corvus Belli have even posted a PDF of all of the tokens and templates needed in Infinity which is super nice of them. More on that later.

The models themselves are not cheap. Each of the starter sets have six 25mm models and cost around £30. This said the new sculpts in this boxset are gorgeous. Although not as bad as some metal miniatures I have worked with, these are going to need a fair amount of cleaning up, and they are not for beginners to assemble or paint.

On the plus side, this is a different scale of project compared to painting a 40K or Warmachine army. Typically Infinity uses around 10 to 12 models for a 300 point game, and the models themselves range from nice to absolutely stunning.

The complete rules are available as a free download from the Infinity website, and their presentation is hugely improved in N3. I would be tempted to say that Infinity now has one of the best basic rulebooks in the industry which is super impressive considering the previous edition. This said, more than most game, Infinity needs to be played to gain an understanding of its core mechanics. Coming from Warhammer 40000 and Warmachine, this game is a bit of a shock to the system. Suffice to say, cover is kind of important because everything lethal.

A special mention should also be made about the Army builder available on the Infinity website. This is a work of art and really useful for new and experienced players.

Once I’ve assembled my starter force, I’m intending to make some tokens using some 1″ epoxy stickers I have acquired, and apart from some scenery, I should be good to go.

Much to my surprise, a couple of the guys at club have already been looking at Infinity, and I might of hooked one of them on the idea of high tech ninjas (this wasn’t difficult). With this in mind, my vague plan is to have some stuff ready to play later in the summer. Cunning plans are afoot…

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