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To Infinity, and beyond!

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175 years into the future. Humanity has extended through various star systems.
Science advances, economy proposes and all appears to be going reasonably well…

…yeah, like anyone is going to believe that!

I’ve been banging on about Infinity here and there for a good while now, so it is way past time that I put my money where my mouth is. Conveniently, Max at club decided his Farrow needed to fund some more piggies so I managed to pickup both the Infinity main rulebook and the Human Sphere expansion at a bit of a bargain price.

infinity-rulebook-2nd-edition-revised-First Impressions

Both of books are hardback at run to over 200 pages of full colour goodness. All of the artwork and the look and feel of the books are very anime. The first half of the main rulebook and two-thirds of Human Sphere is backstory, setting up the Infinity universe.

The universe is basically a near future sci-fi setting. Panoceania is the big superpower (based on the American and European culture), Yu Jing is the pretender superpower (based on the Asian countries), Ariadna is based on French/Scottish/British cultures, Haqqislam should be obvious from the name, Nomads are a bunch of space people (see Titan AE and you’ll get the idea) and the Combined Army is a collection of alien races in the setting.

If you think about Infinity as a Halo miniature skirmish game, you would be on the right track.

Each faction has its own section in both books, and the Human Sphere adds an additional faction, Aleph. As I like my fluff, I’m rather looking forward to reading all of this in more detail.

The Game

OK, it is probably a little risky making too my comments about the game’s mechanics until I’ve actually played, however it is very firmly a small scale skirmish game. The armies used (and armies would a very generous description) represent small special ops teams.

If you want tanks, heaps of troops, and grand battles, look else where. If you want tactical small scale game where each single model counts, then Infinity might be for you.

It is crazy detailed and very dynamic, plus it uses D20s which is an interesting touch.

And you do not need many models! Although from what I understand, a good amount of terrain is hugely important because stuff dies very fast without cover in this game.

The Miniatures

OK, the biggest selling point for Infinity are the miniatures. Although some are horrible to assemble the range includes some of the best models in the industry.

So far I have picked up Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune and a Domaru Butai, and I will do a separate review of those whenever I get around to building and painting them. Suffice to say, I’m going for samurai and ninjas, although I’m hugely tempted by the Nomads as well.


So far, I’m impressed. Both books look great and the two models I have are incredible sculpts. The game itself looks really interesting, and also extremely detailed, so I guess I’ll have some comments on that once I’ve played a few games.

Of course first things first, read books, build models, and then find some D20s…

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