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Its been strangely quiet on here since Smogcon. This hasn’t been because of any burnout on my part, but quite the opposite, I have been super busy. Super busy at home, super busy at work, and sort of busy with hobby stuff. Continue reading

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Altered States

Smogcon is almost upon us and despite my best efforts, my plans to take Cygnar are faltering. My original plan had been to take Siege, Sturgis and Lord Commander Stryker, however this requires some extra models, including a five Storm Lances. Continue reading

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A (Very) Few Good Elves

I have already posted my non-Theme Rahn list and I will try that later in the winter once my Houseguard Thane arrives. In the meantime, I have a cunning plan with Rahn’s No Quarter theme list. When I used this before, I concentrated on getting two units of advance deploying Stormfall Archers on to the table, and while interesting, I think I may have missed a trick. Continue reading