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Infinity Terrain, from Ikea (and big fish)


Getting a full 4′ x 4′ board together for Infinity is one of bigger challenges of playing this game. Everyone is happy to get their own armies built and painted, but most wargamers tend to consider terrain as a distant second place thing.

This said, Infinity, more than most games, screams out for lots and lots of terrain. Indeed, this is the thing that draws most people to the game because a well stocked Infinity table is seriously impressive.

Starting out my gaming group had a few old pieces of 40K terrain that could be re-purposed, and then I bought built and painted a building and some scatter terrain. And for our first 150 point games, that was ok, but it was very apparent we needed to expand our collection.

While one of our guys was waiting for his city to arrive from Shark Mounted Lasers, another picked up nine wooden storage draws from Ikea. Although these didn’t look particularly thrilling, they did do the job and made serviceable box buildings.

However, not content to play with pain wooden boxes, I borrowed three of these and had a little fun with a jigsaw, demel, some of the spare pieces from my Microart watch tower, various bits n bobs I’ve collected over the years, and the airbrush. This result? Three fully painted buildings for very little money!

And remember those Shark Mount Laser buildings I mentioned earlier. Well, another member of our little group has started to attack those with his airbursh, and the results are kind of spectacular…

4 thoughts on “Infinity Terrain, from Ikea (and big fish)

  1. That is a nice use of the drawers from IKEA! And it is looking good.

    When you are at IKEA next, take a look at the plastic spacers they use to keep picture frames apart in their cartons. I have a couple of those at home and plan to use them as steel girder structures. And they are just trash for IKEA, so you can take those for free.

  2. That’s a great idea and it looks good to boot!

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