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My Week in Wargaming


OK, first off, I’ve played one game of Warmachine and worked far too much, so this might be a short post. This post may also ramble on a bit so you have been warned.


Once again, I’m a little late with the regular blog update, but on the bright side, this means I can report back from my game on Tuesday night. This week Kaelyssa faced Mercenaries led by Drake MacBain.

It did not go well. And it was completely my fault.

OK, in fairness my opponent did also completely out play me as well. However a few things might have at least given me a chance…

  • Umm, I have a big anti infantry warjack. So the Phoenix walked straight past the tarpit unit of Trollkin (Greygore Boomhowler & Co). Oops.
  • I managed to get myself into a position where only my (squishy) warcaster could contest a central control zone. Bad idea that one…
  • Should have up kept Phantom Seeker on the Hydra. Nuff said.
  • Banishing Ward would have stopped the Jack Hammer thingy MacBain cast (repeatedly) to smash my Heavies into little tiny pieces.
  • I must remember the Hydra has a Kinetic Capacitor and gets Focus when it is hit by something. Kind of important that one.

All of this goes to show that I must (a) play the same army until I fully understand it and all of its special rules, and (b) expect to royally cockup games after I’ve had an intense day at work.

Anyway, the Mage Hunter Strike Force is coming along nicely. Together with another solo, this will bring this army up to 35 points. I’m also considering swapping out either the Hydra or Phoenix for a Banshee so that might be the next project together with some wreck markers.

To Infinity, and Beyond!


In other news, Corus Belli have updated the Quick Start Rules for their sci-fi game Infinity (edited by Andy from Beasts of War).

Infinity is a anime based small scale skirmish game using an interactive turn sequence so both players always have something to do. However far more importantly the miniature range for Infinity is simply stunning. Plus they have ninjas.

Suffice to say, as I bit of a techhead, this game really appeals to me. However I will probably wait until later in the year as I quite enough things on at the moment.

Anyway go here to download the rules.

Did I mention the ninjas?

2 thoughts on “My Week in Wargaming

  1. One other thing you probably need to do is play more 😉 Just dont let Ruth know that I said it

    • I’ll keep the plan quiet if you do!
      I think given the huge variations of warcasters/warlocks and their factions, Warmachine is a game that needs to be played lots in order to master it.

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