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The Great White Hype

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Hyperion. The great white hype and Retribution of Scyrah’s colossal myrmidon from the Colossals book; and mine is currently in the assembly process. After cleaning up the various bits of metal, resin, and plastic; I counted a grand total of 37 pieces; which for a Privateer Press kit is fairly substantial.

Unfortunately including resin pieces, there are gaps and bubbles to fill, but its no worst that the finecast Cortez I had from Games Workshop last year. An evening with a lump of greenstuff and I think I have fixed all of those problems, plus I had plenty of green stuff left to make a few more lily leaves for the base.

Anyway, I have to say I’m impressed with this kit, its one big warjack.

Rules wise, the Hyperion brings a couple of new things to Retribution. Well, a couple of new things to my Retribution at least.

Firstly, it is resilient. At first you might panic if you compared its grid with any other colossal, however it also has one of those fancy field generators giving it another 12 boxes. 64 in total, which is two more boxes than Khador’s Conquest. It is also defence 10, which is not bad when there’s an easy way to boost it to defence 12, or even defence 14 if you use Ossyan.

Secondly hitting power, Hyperion has the strongest melee weapon in the faction by three P+S and the strongest gun in the game (with the biggest template and critical consume, which is nice). The only downside here is threat range. The main gun only has a range of 10″ and whilst quicker than a Khador heavy, the Hyperion still only has a SPD of five.

The Hyperion also lacks some of the crowd control tech of the other Colossals but that’s the sacrifice to be made for having a gun your average Death Star would rather fancy.

The icing on the cake is the cost. The Great White might not have all the toys of the Stormwall or Gallon, but at only 18 points it is one of the cheapest Colossals or Gargantuans.

Arcanist2In terms of support, there’s plenty of options in Retribution, but I think an Arcanist and Apsis should accompany every one of these big boys.

As with all Retribution myrmidons, the Acranist is essential to put it back on par with the other heavies in the game in terms of direct hitting power. When warcaster focus is tight, power booster is also nice for boosting that main gun each shoot and increasing the chances of a critical.

The Apsis is there for two models, Eiryss and Gorman de Wulfe. Both of these can cripple our 18 point super heavy with some ease and that would be a very very bad thing. And having a shield guard to protect my very squishy casters also seems pretty handy.

While I think the Hyperion should work nicely with all of the Retribution casters, I think Dawnlord Vyros can get the most out of him. While +2 ARM and +2 SPD feel wasted on most heavy myrmidons, they can really push what a Colossal can do.

Then Vyros also has Bird’s Eye so there is no hiding from the big gun, plus the Hyperion is one of the few jacks to get some mileage out of his feat. This should be interesting because Vyros is considered to be one of the least powerful Retribution warcasters.

Continuing with the Dawnguard theme, I also reckon Invictors could find the Hyperion’s large engagement area very interesting for setting up flanking opportunities. Umm, cunning…

Anyway, the first task is the build the thing. As it has a lot of pieces, I think it will be an assemble and paint ‘in sections’ job. And for the record, my Hyperion will not be white, but that not should come as a surprise for anyone.

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