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Bigger Shoulder Pads are Better


Welcome to part two of my Hyperion diary. Last time I talked about its rules and my first impressions. This time, it’s time to assemble the beastie.


It has to be said, this isn’t the biggest or most complex kit I’ve assembled. I have built a lot of Games Workshop and quite few Forgeworld vehicles. As a rule, injection moulded plastic kits tend to have a lot more parts, and resin tend to need lots more work.

For example my Void Dragon Phoenix had to be bent back into shape when that was built. This kind of thing is easy on fine pieces like swords or gun barrels, but carefully manipulating an entire wing was quite tricky. I have a Revenant Titan to build at some point and while its probably the same weight as the Hyperion, it is a hell of a lot more pieces.

Anyway, I spent most my free evenings last week building this kit and it was fairly straightforward. The torso section is notorious for not fitting properly and this was the most awkward bit to build. In the end, it fitted together but it needed a fair amount of green stuff to fill the gaps.

Because of the weight of the pieces, there are also quite a few pins (made from paperclips) in this model. All the big joints also supported by two pins to stop things like the arms twisting under their own weight.

To make life easier, it is going to be painted in five main sections, the base, legs, torso (including arms) and the rather massive shoulder pads. However, I ran out of white primer undercoating the thing, so it is going to have to wait until I get some more. At times like these, I miss having a hobby store close to where we live.

With this minor challenge, it does mean the second unit of Stormfall archers and Rahn might get painted sooner. This works quite nicely as I’m intending to try Hyperion and two units of Stormfalls with Rahn, Ossyan, and my favourite warcaster at the moment, Ravyn.

2 thoughts on “Bigger Shoulder Pads are Better

  1. Models like that are one of the reasons I *almost* picked Retribution. It just looks fantastic.

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