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Finecast or not?

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Well, I’ve finally buckled and purchased my first Citadel Finecast miniature, Inquisitor Coteaz for my Grey Knight’s army. Given that this is my first foray into this controversial product, I thought a review would be in the order.


The first point to get out of the way is price. Yes, Finecast is relatively expensive. In this case, Mr Coteaz cost me £10.50.

This is approximately the same price as a comparable Warmachine model such as a Warcaster (and they come with a couple of stat cards).

First Impressions

However the biggest complaint about Finecast is not price, it is about quality.

I purchased my Coteaz in Games Workshop Basingstoke (very nice people by the way) and he was one of two on the shelf. The other model was on a slightly deformed sprue, resulting in his hammer being bent. This is fixable, however given the choice, I picked up the other model.

Apart from this, my first impressions were good with no large obvious air bubbles or missing details visible through the blister.


Getting back home to Sweden, I finally got an opportunity to open up the blister and have a proper look at the model.

One of the big criticisms of Finecast is the number of bubbles in the miniatures. Whilst there are no big bubbles in this model, there are a number of small bubbles in hammer and on Coteaz himself. Nothing major that can’t be fixed with a little bit of modelling putty.

The other big Finecast criticism is miscasts. Apart from a slightly bent hammer which was fixed in hot water  (yes, even the straight hammer, was bent in the other direction), this model was fine.

The Finecast material itself is a soft compared regular resin but is really easy to work with. The parts where removed from the sprue and cleaned up in less than five minutes.


I held off purchasing any Finecast models for almost a year, because I simply didn’t need anything and GW’s price point put them beyond the impulse buy level.

There is no question that Citadel Finecast is rather ambitiously pitched at the top-end of the market, however I don’t think the quality is there yet. However the material does hold a huge amount of detail and it is easy to clean up.

Anyway, I’ll get this guy assembled and painted and hopefully get some pictures up before the end of the month.

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