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For the Greater Dwarf


It has been a while, but the new Tau Empire Codex is finally on the horizon. Actually given Games Workshop’s annoying policy of dropping new releases with no warning the third Tau book actually hits stores next weekend.


This have given me an excuse to purchase my first copy of White Dwarf in a very long time, because I wanted to look at all the pretty pictures of new toys and I have been meaning to look at the ‘new look’ White Dwarf for a while.

Oh, and they pull a huge picture of the new Riptide battlesuit on the cover. Did I mention the new shiny toys?

The new Dwarf

Before I start talking about the new Tau stuff, the new format of White Dwarf deserves a mention. Firstly, it is pretty damn slick looking. I mean REALLY slick. This is just as well because someone bumped the price up to £5.50 whilst I wasn’t looking, which seems crazy for a monthly magazine (I must be getting old).

As always, the magazine is stuffed full of really pretty models. I will talk specially about the new Tau stuff later, but suffice to say there’s plenty of eye candy including a foldout spread on the new flyers. The stuff on the new Tau Codex is nice, especially the evolution of the battlesuits, but there is no new background or rules teasers.

The battle report looks interesting as it is a narrative based scenario, and the army showcase looks great, even if beastmen aren’t my thing.
However, in terms of actual content, White Dwarf 400 is rather lacking. I know people have accused GW of turning White Dwarf into a glossy brochure, but guys, I really think you should take some hints from Privateer Press’ No Quarter magazine.

Shiny Toys

However the most important reason for this blog post was to talk about all the new Tau stuff.

Before I start, there are two things I need to say first. One, I haven’t seen the new Codex yet, or even played 6th edition 40K so I don’t particularly care how effective anything is in the actual game. And two, all the new Tau stuff is in the same style as before, so no new Crisis suits!

I’ll start with the bad first. The new flyers, the Sun Shark and Razorshark are horrible models, being a weird cross between a WW2 fighter, and the things from Slipstream. Why GW didn’t just use the Barracuda design is beyond me because these are rubbish. Worse still, the Razorshark is described as a “joint strike fighter”. Argh!

With that out of the way, I can talk about the good stuff.

I was prepared to hate the Riptide XV104 battlesuit, but I don’t. It is basically a very big Crisis suit will a stupid amount of very very big guns and it fits the Tau aesthetic perfectly. The new missile drones also look pretty damn cool. I will probably get one of these because I’m a bit of a sucker for big robots.

Speaking of which, the new Broadsides also really look the part, although at £30 each, a full unit of three will hurt the pocket more than the enemy. Still, I’ll probably get one of these as well to the two I already have. One other interesting thing to note, is that the new Broadsides seem to be mounted on 60mm bases. I get to be smug about this because my original two are already on this size base.

As well as these plastic battlesuit kits, GW will have a new Tau Commander and Commander Farsight in the Finecast resin stuff. The standard Commander is a bit ‘meh’ but the Farsight model is very pretty. As an aside, Farsight enclave shoulder pads will also be available via GW’s online store which I think is a great idea.


We also have a new plastic Pathfinder team kit plus three hero type characters (one for Fire Warriors, Pathfinders and a tank commander). All of these look great, and if I didn’t already have two units of Pathfinders, I would probably be getting these as well because the new kit has lots of new options, including quite a few new drones. Those crafty Earthcaste Tau have been busy.

P1060983Finally, the new Codex itself is looking very nice from the looks of the preview. And the cover is now my new favourite piece of Tau artwork. Period. End of story. Simply awesome stuff.

Yes, I like it that much.

The only annoying thing is, I have to wait a week to pick up the book itself, and by then, I will be in the wrong country. Ho hum.

In the meantime I suppose I’ll have to read White Dwarf and look at all the pretty pictures again…

2 thoughts on “For the Greater Dwarf

  1. Curses. I was prepared to continue forswearing GW, but these do look good. How ’bout you post some of your army pics?

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