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A Blossom Full of Elf

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Eiryss. That name hails cries of cheese from many Warmachine players. Especially those that have experienced her disruption bolt first hand. However I have been less than successful with this particular Mage Hunter from Ios.

Somehow, pEiryss with her lovely RAT 9 always seems to miss the mark when trying to screw up a warcaster’s day. And the less said about the Cyrx shadow pack incident the better.

The alternatives for her three point slot include the Artificer and Narn. Both have their uses, but neither has the toolkit of Eiryss. Which brings me to Epic Eiryss, the Angel of Retribution.

She kind of fixes all the problems of her non-Epic version. If an opponents jack absolutely has to be disrupted, eEiryss can just walk up and say ‘bo’. Job done. Animi. No Problem. Single wound models. Yep, she has an answer for those as well.

So despite the screams of cheese, eEiryss has joined my Retribution. At least she is with elves which is only right and proper.

So far, she’s had her moments. In my first game with her, she was fed to a Thunderhead, but won the game for me by shutting down three Cygnar jacks for an entire turn. Not bad. Not bad at all.

In fairness, I bought my eEiryss quite a long time ago, but as I preferred her non-Epic sculpt, so that’s the one that got built first. Plus there was the slight problem of eEiryss’ rather fab scenic base which simply did not fit with my Retribution army.

It seems that I’m not the only person to have an issue with this and there are quite a few different conversions that have been done by various people. The one I shamelessly stole used the bottom half of the variant Mage Hunter Assassin (thank you very much Mastershake from the PP forums).

Separating the top half of Eiryss from her lower half was fairly straight forward. The tricky bit was re-sculpting her cloak.

I started with cutting a paper template to the right shape, and making a 1mm thick green stuff cloak from that. With the basic shape done, the rest of the cloak was sculpted to blend in with the rest of the model. To smooth out the surface, I used some extremely fine sandpaper, and then used several thin layers of paint to fill the remaining cracks.

A better explanation (with better pictures) is on the From The Warp blog here, but here are the in progress pictures…

The base was finished off with a couple of sculpted lily leaves and some leaves from GW’s plastic wood elf sprue. It took a couple of weeks, but I’ve even got her painted which is handy because Eiryss is in my Kaelyssa list for Open Fist next weekend.

Speaking of which, the next pixie to hit the painting table is Lady Aiyanna, and she part of the Ravyn list I haven’t tested yet. However considering I built her, Holt, and undercoated them two years ago, it’s about time they got finished.

These two pirates will also be the first models I am doing for our 10 points per month painting challenge at SPIF. The plan is devilishly simple, paint ten points or more of Warmachine/Hordes models every month, and warcasters/warlocks count as five points worth. As with all the best ideas, this one has nothing to do with me (its all Markus’ fault).

Of course, I will be posting my (lack of) progress on here, and any idea that gets more painted models on the table is good in my books.

In other news Privateer Press uploaded the Steamroller 2013 packs last week, so if you are into that kind of thing, check them out here. Interestingly they have split them between Steamroller, Master and Hardcore. Anyway, my first Steamroller 2013 tournament is this weekend so expect a report about badly I got clubbed next week.

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