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Welcome back modelling fans! This time around we have a really short hobby post on the extremely complex and difficult method I have invented for sculpting water lilies…


OK, perhaps not. These are shocking easy…

To make the lily leaves, take a small ball of green stuff, and press it into shape using the flat end of a sculpting tool (mine came from Games Workshop, but it works). Make sure to flatten ball slightly off centre to get a lip along the edge of the leaf.

To finish off, use a craft knife to form a line to the back of the leaf.

The flowers are a little more tricky, but only a little more.

To begin with, you need another round ball of green stuff, although it should be a little bit smaller. Flatten it, and make it into a square. Then, very carefully, use a sharp knife to turn up the corners to make the petals.

Add fish and water effects to taste. And that’s it!

This particular example will be used as a proxy base when I need to do any precise measuring; but all of my bases for my Retribution of Scyrah army are done the same way. Speaking of which, next time I hope to post up my eEiryss conversion. Hopefully…

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