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Spray Booth


As mentioned in a previous post, I really needed to have a spray booth to use my airbrush in. So I’ve built one!

Spray Booth

The basic box was from Ikea, and the (very cheap) fan and hose came from Homebase Newbury (I’ve just visited the UK), and the power cable came from Bau Haus. In total, I think this has cost me less than ¬£40. For the record, the hose is held onto the back of the fan with a bright yellow hair band.

The rather stylish motif in the centre of the box is glue, because my eldest son distracted me at just the wrong moment, and I broke the bottom of the box.

One thing I’ve added to the original design is some sticky fabric furniture feet to stop it moving around whilst the fan is on. I have to say the idea of using a clear box is very good, as is placing the fan off-centre (I’m left handed, so the fan is on the right).

Anyway, it has been tested and works great. The next task is to find some time to actually paint something!

6 thoughts on “Spray Booth

  1. That is seriously cool! What size box did you go for?

    • A 45 litre box. It seemed the right size for what I wanted, and we could get the other stuff my wife bought in Ikea in it as well.

      • This is a great little discussion. I’ve been thinking about a DIY spray booth for a while. Just goes to show my tendency to over-engineer things but – I would have put the fan at the top of the box (ie at 90 degrees to the spray line, so there’s no chance of spraying into the fan itself) and would have put a front sheet from the top down, say 1/4 length, to make a chimney flue.

        I wonder if any of that actually matters… it sounds like your simple design does the trick.

  2. That is looking awesome, any chance you could upload a video of it into Youtube or something?

  3. What a great idea! I should make that!

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