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Snipe, Feat, Go


Hej campers! The last week has been busy but rather productive. Hobby wise I’ve managed to finish both Ravyn and Discordia, and then this evening I even got two games in with the new girl.

RavynSuffice to say my Swedish losing streak has come to an abrupt end.

In both games I pulled of the classic ‘Snipe, Feat, Go’ manoeuvre  using my Mage Hunter Strike Force. OK, neither case was perfect, but both worked.

Beauty and the Beast

In game one my first opponent, Niklas, brought along pSorscha, Beast 09, some Widowmakers, and the Great Bears;  and the scenario was Incursion.

Niklas played a little more conservatively than I expected and in my turn two, whilst Sorscha was hiding behind the Great Bears, I pulled the trick. Considering she was sitting on two focus points, concealment, and a defence buff; Sorscha was probably a little surprised when four Mage Hunter bypassed all that and nailed her.

And I shall throw a gauntlet in your general direction…

In my second game I faced Hierarch Severius. This was a campaign game with the same scenario, including the killbox condition. This was very important. To make things more interesting, or scary, we also played with timed turns so we only had five minutes each. This made for an extremely intense game.

Severius, a Revenger, a Reckoner, and six daughters of flame directly faced my army. My opponent had the first turn and moved up, moving Sverius the minimum amount to get him into the killbox.

So my turn one, I run the Assassin so he looks scary; I activate Ravyn, cast snipe on the Mage Hunters, and then pop the feat. The Mage Hunters moved up as far as possible, and luckily they had range. Seven shots later, I ended my turn with one second on the clock, and Severius standing, but with only a single wound.

The following turn Ravyn came under fire as the counter-assassination kicked off. However the curse of the clock kicked in. Even with the two minute extension, the turn ended half way through the daughters charge attacks on the Mage Hunters.

This won me the game.

The Banshee moved up, bumped two of the girls on the head, and then my only unengaged Mage Hunter aimed and finished the Menite warcaster.

But is she any good?

Against certain warcasters, err yes, Ravyn works really well. This trick is really hard to defend against which I think was a bit (read: very) frustrating for my two opponents. I’m pretty sure Niklas would play Sorsha differently if he faced this army again.

In the case of Severius, perhaps running along the killbox ‘edge’, away from my Mage Hunters would have saved him because I was right on the limit of my threat range. This said, using a clock really changed the feel of this game and we were both really rushed even with the casual time limits. Once the tempo of the game was set, I think we where both looking at quick assassinations.

As before, I need to practice more under timed conditions, although I have to say I much prefer chess clocks to timed turns. On the plus side, I did play this game to a plan which helped.

Anyway, in summary, Ravyn seems to be pretty damn powerful in combination with the Mage Hunter Strike Force, and I’m only running seven of them. I think against Hordes armies, her feat will be more geared towards crowd clearance than assassination runs however the campaign has a lot of time to run still so there will be plenty of opportunities to find out.

Until next time, happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “Snipe, Feat, Go

  1. You missed an e from Severius 🙂

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