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Summer Campaigning


I’m now back in Northern Europe, rather annoyingly just in time for the local club Warmachine/Hordes campaign that starts this week. I say “annoyingly” because despite taking painting and models on holiday, I simply didn’t have a chance to do anything hobby over the last two weeks.

The plan, I far as I can see, is to use the same Warlock or Warcaster for the entire campaign and build up the army size every couple of weeks, starting at 15 points and ending at 35 or 50 points (not sure which). The last trick is that you have to include all the models in your smaller lists in your bigger lists.

I’m pretty sure Gobbo, whom is running the campaign, has a cunning plan so I’m confident it will be great!

Oh, and the campaign map that looks strangely like Skåne which is a nice touch.

Anyway, I rather foolishly committed myself to using Ravyn as my caster, mainly so I could play someone other than Kaelyssa! Unfortunately that model is in progress so pictures will have to wait and for her first outing she got proxied with Kaelyssa.

At 15 points I’ve gone for a combined arms approach. So Ravyn is accompanied by a Banshee heavy myrimdon, minimum sized Mage Hunter Strike Force with Commander, and Sylys Wysknalyrr (to upkeep Snipe all game).

I was a little torn on how to use the final two points, so I went with what I know (and what I have painted) and threw in a Mage Hunter Assassin purely for the melee threat.

So did it work? Sort of. For my first campaign game I faced Max’s piggies and Doctor Arkadius. Unfortunately he had very two big piggies, a Road Hog and War Hog. I managed to tweeze out the War Hog, and then Max used his feat to throw it straight into my Banshee. This came as a bit of a surprise but thankfully  it only did superficial damage to the myrimdon. And then the Mage Hunter Assassin chopped his head off with one blow.

At this point I lost the game.

Stupidly I had moved the Assassin into base contact with the War Hog, blocking Ravyn’s charge lane to the Road Hog. She walked up (when she should have cast Locomotion on the Banshee first), killed a pig, moved 2″ with Swift Hunter, and was still outside of melee range.

And then the Banshee failed to hit the Road Hog in melee. Twice.

The following round the obvious happened to Ravyn; however it was still a really enjoyable game and I can’t wait for Ravyn’s second outing in the campaign.

I have not really thought how I’m going to build up from 15 points yet, however I have a few options. Discordia is probably first on the list if only for his rather nice spray attack and the fact he is exactly 10 points. Stormfall archers also seem a pretty good choice together with expanding the Mage Hunter unit. This said I also want to add some melee potential. Happily I also have a unit of Dawnguard Invictors assembled so they might have to make one of the lists.

Decisions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “Summer Campaigning

  1. Is this not the way it always turns out! When You plan to take a week or two for your hobby you end spending less time on it than usual! 😦

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