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This is going to be one of those, ‘I’ve been very busy’ posts, so apologies, and feel free to move on. It is not that I haven’t been going hobby stuff, it is just that I have not actually finished anything this month.

This obviously requires further explanation, and I can cover that with one word ‘Stormwall’. Some reason I have yet to figure out, building and painting Privateer Press’ large models seems to take me lots longer that painting other big models. Hyperion took several months and Big Blue is looking like he will take me about six weeks, maybe seven because I’m drawing up a house of a friend (long story, not going there).

So far I have finished his base, legs, big guns and fists. This just leaves the massive torso and arms section left, which I started highlight last night; the head, and three lightning pods.


Unfortunately this also means I have no finished models to show for September which feels a little poor, however I have a lot of lists to try this colossal in, so expect to hear more about him next time.

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