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Rise of Hyperion


One of the nice things with bigger projects is seeing it all come together. So far only the legs, head and fists are finished; but as main pieces have connecting pins, it was easy enough to dry fit them together for this photo.


I’m hoping to start of his torso, including the sunburst cannon (or sparkle cannon), this week. This is pretty much the biggest, most complex part of this model to paint. However with the size of this model, it should be straightforward enough.

I already have some plans for the main gun that should make it ‘pop’ against my normal colour scheme.

Whilst I’ve been working on Hyperion, my rather fantastic wife has started to stitch together a new dice bag for my Retribution.

Pictures will have to follow later, but I have to say, I’m rather chuffed with the logo…

My Scyrah

2 thoughts on “Rise of Hyperion

  1. Nice logo – if this is for WFB “Regarding Retribution”, for which army ?
    An S could be Slaaneshi or the jetbike / hellion style wings shapes at the bottom could be for Dark Elves/Eldar or perhaps for 40k Tau ?

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