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The Last Boy Scout

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Commander Stryker, the Cygnar Battlebox warcaster, is the very definition of the average warcaster in Warmachine. However don’t let that put you off, basic Stryker is still a very competent man.

It is probably not a good move to look at Commander Stryker’s statline or weapons. Apart from the fact both weapons have Disruption, everything here is fairly boring. Not bad, not good, just very very average.

Not bad, not good, just very very average.

Things do not get more interesting until you look at his spell list. For a Focus six caster this man has a lot of offensive and upkeep spells (three of each to be exact). If you want him to be doing work, he could be a prime candidate for the elf warcaster attachment, Sylys Wyshnayr, which makes him a little different to most Cygnar casters.

Spelling it out

Anyway, spells. First on the list are Arcane Blast and Arcane Bolt. Both are ok offensive spells but not spectacular. This said, Arcane Blast with Sylys might be ok.

Stryker’s third offensive spell however is very good. Earthquake does not cause any damage, but it does knock stuff down. This should be plan A for our boy scout. Knock stuff down, and let his jacks/infantry murder it. However as Stryker myself is not so survivable, its probably best to arc this spell through a Lancer. Either way, Commander Stryker can be a very dangerous man.

Commander Stryker can be a very dangerous man.

Then we come to the three upkeep spells. Arcane Shield, Blur and Snipe are all great. Period. The only problem is that you will want to upkeep all three on something during the game and that will eat half of his focus stack. And if your opponent has any way to clear these such as Eiryss or Purification, it will hurt.

Still, these spells have some great targets in a Stryker list. Blur on Gun Mages, Snipe on Black 13 and Arcane Shield on some Storm Guard, all seem like a good starting points.

After spells, the only thing left on Stryker’s cards is his feat, Invincibility. This is deceptively simple. Plus 5 Armour to everything in his control area for one round. That’s it. There’s nothing else.

So its defensive feat right? Well, sort of. This feat enables you to put your army in a good place to counter attack the following turn and even take a free strike or two during your own turn. And because of the Steamroller scenarios, normally your opponent cannot afford to backup and give up space on the board for one turn.It also important to remember that +5 Armour does not make your army invincible, although stacked with Arcane Shield even medium infantry like Storm Guard can be damn hard to kill.

And.. that’s it. Everything. As I said before, our man Commander Stryker has a very ‘lite’ set of cards.

List Selection

In terms of army, there’s a couple of ways to go. Either way you want to take advantage of his feat, which means including some models with decent armour. Option one is to use Snipe and Quake to engineer assassination opportunities. In this scenario you need some solid ranged units or movement shenanigans, plus an arc node. The Stormblade Captain and Lieutenant Jakes can provide the movement tricks, while Black 13th and the Gun Mages are a prime Snipe targets.

commander-strykerCommander Coleman Stryker
Lancer Light Warjack

Storm Guard (6)
Stormblade Captain

Lieutenant Alison Jakes
Gallant Heavy Warjack

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer

Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team

Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Option two is to abuse the armour thing and go with attrition as plan A. This means getting something big into the list. A Centurion is obvious, but spending another (gulp) ten points gets Stryker a Stormwall, and with it options to abuse Arcane Shield or Snipe. Jakes stays in because Sidekick plus Invincibility will make also Gallant very difficult to kill.

GallantCommander Coleman Stryker
Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Stormwall Colossal

Storm Guard (6)
Stormblade Captain

Lieutenant Alison Jakes
Gallant Heavy Warjack

Getting Stormwall into this list has swallowed up a lot of points, but between the Colossal and Gallant we have two solid anchors, one of which is a very serviceable shield guard,

With no obvious target for Blur, Stryker is free to put it on myself or Jakes. However Arcane Shield is key to this list, first sitting on the Storm Guard, and then to reinforce the Colossal once the feat is spent.

With very few models, this is also my kind of list and very clock friendly. That’s the theory anyway.

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  1. is good artikel Thank you so much , Adwin

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