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This post is going to start with an apology. I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks because life has generally got in the way (it happens).

Unfortunately instead of witty insight, you are going to have to settle for pictures of toy soldiers. March has been one of those months where nothing really constructive has happen, but I’ve tried to do a little bit of hobby work every day, even it is only highlighting one colour on one model.

As a result, I’ve actually painted a surprising amount, and I’ve finally finished the (Llaelese) Arcane Tempus Gun Mages I started painting last year. This was mainly because I was waiting for some new toys to arrive, such as Issyria, who is now assembled and undercoated, and the new Vengeance book.

I have to admit, using the new Series 7 brushes (OK, brush, I’ve only used the size 2 so far) has also help because they are an absolute joy to use.

Gun Mages Banner

Getting the Gun Mages painted also has spurred me to purchase the Cygnar and Mercenary decks for War Room and start building lists. This may lead me to playing both of the Haleys although for now I have resisted the urge to pickup anything new for the faction, especially I still have some Rangers and a Battle Engine to build (and more jacks, and several casters).

Houseguard ThaneOf course, the elves have also received some love in March in the form of a new Houseguard Thane to work with my Halberdiers. Thanks to a local toy shop, my ‘Denab Stone’ problem has been resolved so pixies will be my focus for the rest of the spring, and with the exception of Imperatus (who looks awesome), I have everything I want for the faction.

We will see how that works out because work is due to be crazy busy over the next three months. It may be quiet around here for a bit…

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