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Comfy Slippers

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Its been a really really long time since my Cygnar have seen battle. However with my Gun Mages finally painted, it seemed like a prime opportunity to break out the swans for the first time at 35 points.

Before even starting, this presented some logistical challenges. Firstly, some of these new Gun Mages didn’t fit into my existing foam, and once a found a tray to fit them, I didn’t have enough room for the mercenaries from my Retribution bag. A second mini case later that problem was solved but this shows that the Cygnar guys are going to need a home in the Battlefoam bag at some point if I play them a lot more.

And then, because I keep everything in my Battlefoam bag, I realised I was missing my Steamroller pack and zones. Doh! Next time, I need to be more organised!

Anyway, I picked up the Cygnar and Mercenary decks on War Room to start building lists a couple of days earlier so I at least had three Cygnar lists already prepared. Of course, two of those included the Storm Strider which isn’t assembled, so in reality, I was locked to my Epic Haley list.

Just as I was feeling appropriately guilty, I managed to organise a game with a Cyrx player at SPIF, and he bought War Witch Deneghra. This made me feel much better. My opponents  army was actually one I was quite familiar with. Together with Prime Denny, we had all the Bane Thralls (a full unit, plus unit attachment and Tartrus), two arc node bonejacks, a Reaper (which I do fear), the Combine, Skarlock and a War Witch Siren.

Deployed opposite, I had Major Haley (the broken), Thorn, a Centurion, a small unit of Stormguard, my new Gun Mages unit, Black 13th, Junior and the ever present Squire. And considering never of us had played for a while, we rolled up a completely new scenario from the Steamroller pack, Balance of Power.

Gun Mages Banner

I got first turn, which I think was a good thing, even if it meant my Storm Guard were neutered for the entire game (first lesson learnt Icy Grip is horrible) and my Gun Mages couldn’t hit Bane Thralls if their lives depended on it. This fairly incept showing was followed the next turn by my Centurion doing a reasonable impression of a bullet train, one shooting Tartrus and almost wrecking the Reaper. And then Haley feated.

A few more years experience playing the game has given me an appreciation of just how horrible this feat is. Unfortunately I didn’t spot an assassination run from Deneghra herself and I was only saved by three unlucky magic attack rolls.

In return, Haley turned her sister around and my Gun Mages shoot her in the back, a lot. Who knew; Deadeye and True Sight are a thing.

Considering it was the first time I had dusted off these guys in a long time, I was rather happy with their performance and how much I remembered about them. Its a bit like having comfy slippers. And I’m actually enthused to use them more, which is a bit scary.

Never know, I might even build that Battle Engine I bought three years ago, or the rest of the battle box, or all of those other warcasters I have…

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