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A Serious Question (about Gun Mages)


It is possible that this could be the worst idea in the history of bad ideas, but I’m going to ask for some reader feedback. That’s right, we are going interactive, which is going to be very embarrassing if nobody bothers.

Gun MageFirstly, as fair warning, this question is directed at the Warmachine players out there. If this is not your thing, check out the category links to the right (or below).

OK, with that out of the way, a little bit of background is in order. I have seven undercoated Gun Mages ready to be started, but I have not decided how to paint them yet. My normal Cygnar scheme is pretty standard, but these guys might pull double duty in a small mercenary army.

So the question is, which way should I go?

6 thoughts on “A Serious Question (about Gun Mages)

  1. Keep in mind that it’s AMETHYST Rose – so violet, not pink.

    • Actually, the Amethyst Rose are in mourning after the death of the Llaelese king, so they wear black, black and black with black.

  2. Mine are black with purple/violet details, join the winning and more stylish team!

  3. Well, I thiink mine are going to be light grey (to tie in with their Cygnar employers) and pink. Although that pink will be built up from Warlock Purple. Probably.
    Umm, that sounds like a decision.

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