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Getting stuff painted in the big challenge for most wargamers. Even if painting is your thing, the whole process is time consuming and in my experience, as I have got older, the time amount of time I can dedicate to me has got smaller and smaller.

To try and encourage some of SPIF to do more painting this year, Markus set a challenge to paint 10 points of Warmachine or Hordes models every month, with any warcasters or warlocks counting as 5 points each. I don’t think anyone kept to this, it at least encouraged me to get stuff finished and keep track of my own progress. This was far from spectacular.

Since January I have painted 36 models, equalling 77 points; about two thirds of the target. In fairness, that included a Colossal which I spent four months painting, but I really should do better.

I have a few models on the painting table that should be finished before the end of the year, including an almost finished Griffon light myrmidon. I also have some models that should be finished, but almost certainly will not, such as Syntherion, six Gun Mages and a Houseguard Heavy Rifle Team.

My Warmachine aim for next year is to start playing another faction (I know, playing would be a good start). For that, I need get some models added to my Cygnar collection; assuming I do not go crazy and paint all my Cyriss stuff.

Umm, probably unlikely…

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