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The Venti Macchiato



It has taken quite a long time, but the Hyperion for my ‘Starbucks’ Retribution is finally painted. This means for our ‘paint ten points per month challenge’ at SPIF, I win in May.

It also means I can finally field Rahn’s ‘Fires from High’ theme list because as I’ve discovered, the Adeptus has some issues playing armies with magical defence and stuff that prevents knockdown. In particular, the game against Baldur the Stonesoul last week was, err, challenging. More guns should help, as will the other four Stormfall Archers.

If all else fails, I’m liking the P+S 20 fists. A myrmidon with some real hitting power; that will make a change.

I’m also planning to pair the big beastie with Ravyn as I’m determined to put together a list for her including Invictors. The traditional Ravyn list (Disco, Mage Hunters, Stormfalls, etc, etc) doesn’t really work for me, so this is also a good opportunity to try something different because she is my favourite Iosan caster at the moment. As I like Invictors as well, so they WILL get thrown in as well.

And finally, there’s Ossyan. Ossyan and me do not have a good history together, however he should see some more table time, and suspect the Lord Arcanist and Hyperion will make an interesting match, especially with his Quicken spell. Nothing wrong with a SPD 7 colossal.

Anyway, after a quiet May on this blog, I am hoping to catch up again in June. Amongst other things, there should be a few product reviews (actually, the first one got posted yesterday) and a new shiny codex for my other big Warhammer 40000 army, the Eldar.

In the meantime, it looks like I have some list ideas to try out.

2 thoughts on “The Venti Macchiato

  1. I’m afraid I have no idea what the model is as I don’t play Warmachine, however I will say it looks bloody good. You’ve done a really good job with the painting. The armour plates look really smooth, a sort of almost clay like look about them that I’m not sure I’ve seen before.

    Good stuff. Will you be putting more up online?

    • Of course there will be more! Just finished undercoating more Warmachine/Hordes stuff this evening.
      Planning to do some stuff with ice effects so hopefully that will work out!

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