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Flesh is for the Weak

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Another birthday has come and gone, and with it I have a few more toys. Amongst them some of a clockwork persuasion…

For the last few years my angry elves have getting most of my attention, however since the forcebook was released earlier this year, the Maiden of Gears has been calling. And I already have a reasonable selection of boxes and blisters packs, although there are some very obvious holes in my collection…

Big Robots

Firstly, I don’t have a Prime Axiom (the Convergence Colossal) and I have no intention of getting one. Whilst it looks interesting, I think the big strength in Cyriss is running multiple Vectors, and having one Colossal reduces the number of heavies I can have. Besides, I don’t like the model.

I already have a couple of the four legged Vector kits and I am intending to magnetise them so I can use them either as Monitors or Ciphers. I am not going to worry about building the melee centric Inverter as I like my guns too much, so the Cipher’s pistons will be the hardest hitting weapons in my army.

What I am really looking forward to is the hover Vector kit. For 7 points, I think the Conservator is a great jack with a lot of utility, and the Assimilator’s Dissevering Microswarm has a lot of anti-infantry potential.

Little Robots

The second obvious absentee is any basic light infantry. The reason to collect Cyriss, at least for me, is to have plenty of big robots, which means Vectors, ideally heavy Vectors, and heavy infantry. These two things make Convergence very different from Retribution which relies on their small based infantry.

This said, I do already have some Clockwork Angels, but I do not have flying stuff in my other Warmachine armies so that’s ok. I have also picked up some of the Servitors because these guys remind me of the drones in Terrahawks (and the brainbots in Megamind), and they just look fun.

Aluminium and Titanium

Although I have not decided on a basing scheme yet, I have already decided to go for a very monochrome scheme on the models themselves. As Cyriss is suppose to be a high technology faction in Warmachine, I thought it would be appropriate to use more high-tech materials than the studio brass and steel.

Therefore most of the outer panels will be a light aluminium, or a powder coated white, and the inner workings will all be a darker, and flatter metallic to represent titanium or carbon steel. And then all the glowy effects will be aqua.

Think the inside of the 11th Doctor’s Tardis and that is close to the effect I am after.


The first test for this scheme will be Forge Master Syntherion who is already assembled. There was some swearing involved in that, but I’m pass that now.

Gear for the Maiden

$(KGrHqZ,!mIFJHb2I-jMBS,Q4Kt!0Q~~60_12Beyond the obvious stuff like the token set and Warroom deck, I have also picked up the Q‐Workshop Convergence dice. Out of all the Warmachine dice sets, I like this one the best, and for some strange reason, it seems to be the hardest one to get hold off. And if they don’t work out, I have some aqua gem dice which also would be absolutely perfect.

Speaking of dice, the next obvious thing is a custom dice bag (because the Misses makes them). A friend of mine got the first Cyriss logo bag as a thankyou present, so we have a logo, but I’m thinking of doing something a little different to match the paint scheme for my army. Watch this space…

Finally, they will need to be hauled around, and while my Retribution is occupying the big Battlefoam bag, Battlefoam’s new ‘tournament‘ PP bag looks ideal. This is based on the half trays they already make for Warmachine/Hordes which should work nicely for a more elite army. At least it will do until I pick up a second battle engine.

So there you have it. I have started down the slippy slope to clockwork perfection. May the Maiden have mercy on my tried old soul.

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