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Converging on Cyriss

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The biggest of the big announcements from Privateer Press at this year’s TempleCon was the introduction of a seventh Warmachine faction, the Convergence of Cyriss. The followers of the clockwork goddess have been in the Iron Kingdoms background for a long time so it is not hugely surprising that they got added to the pantheon of playable factions.

ConvergenceAs it is the tenth anniversary of Warmachine, it also seems very fitting that PP is introducing a faction that is all about giant robots.

In style, Cyriss have gone Art Deco. This is great, but it does make some of the troops look very similar to a range of humanoid robots from another wargame manufacturer that has an ancient Egyptian theme. I like Art Deco and I know mechanical people will tend to look similar, but I’m a bit disappointed by the light infantry.


On the other hand, the weird stuff is great! If the heavy infantry looks anything like the art work, they are going to be absolutely ace. Together with the heavy vectors (cough warjacks) I think these might sell me on a heavily armoured, high technology, machine faction. So much for that Hordes army I was going to collect.


PiP_Convergence-of-Cyriss-Teaser-Warmachine-5It has to be said, the faction’s warcasters also look suitably bizarre. In the background, they are humans that have transferred themselves to clockwork bodies so Privateer have been able to go a bit crazy with the designs. Of the three previewed so far, Father Lucant looks strangely similar to the Fifth Element (from the film of the same name) but with appendages, and Iron Mother Directrix is straight out of Metropolis.

On the game play side, some of the faction’s game mechanics look very interesting. Their warjacks (called Vectors, in case I didn’t already mention that) use the casters’ MAT and RAT, and gain an additional ability via the warcaster. I suspect this faction will have no jack marshals.

In addition to this, Vectors can reuse a single focus point spent by another Vector. This makes them very focus efficient. The aim is the enable casters to run large battlegroups and I very much approve. More big robots can only be good.

I suspect the Convergence will be launched with a battlebox, a light and heavy vector kit, and a light infantry unit, plus one or two alternate warcasters. I hope they will also have the heavy infantry available (neither Retribution or Cygnar have heavy infantry, and I want them!).

As Privateer Press announced they would be available at their Lock & Load event, so I reckon they will be launched globally at the end of May. We also heard from TempleCon that the Convergence will have a battle engine at launch and a colossal following afterwards.

Despite not being convinced initially, I think they are growing on me. However I think would want a more high tech paint scheme than the one done the studio. Accordingly I have already started formulating plans to paint titanium and nickel plating.

Oh dear…

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