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All Quiet on the Northern Front

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There are times where real life and my hobby just simply refuse to cooperate with each other. I am in the middle of one of those patches at the moment.

Epic VyrosIn fairness, I finished painting Epic Vyros (Incissar of the Dawnguard) just over a week ago, and that was a big deal for me because he has taken a really long time! Even considering the long breaks between painting sessions and my generally slow painting, he took a lot longer than most of my other large based models.

One of the reasons was that I decided to play with water effects quite a lot on this model, because I wanted it to look like Solarys was galloping into battle through the water on the base. I think I managed to pull off the trick OK, but I might have to try it again on something else in the future.

I am still working on the final element for Vyros’ 50 point list, one of the new plastic Griffon (actually the one from the Retribution of Scyrah Battlebox). That’s right, just one, not five. No Synergy loveliness for this player, at least, not quite yet.

And while we are on the subject of Synergy, Forge Master Syntherion is my next project after that Griffon. This means, despite playing very few games at the moment, I am already starting a third Warmachine army.

In theory my Convergence of Cyriss army should be pretty easy. After all, how difficult can it be to airbrush a model silver? However after spending two evenings assembling this first model, I suspect it might not work out that way. I mean, 16 pieces to build a single medium base warcaster. Argh!

And when it comes to the painting, I already have some ideas so it will not be as simple as using the airbrush to paint one or two colours. Give me a choice between an easy and a hard path, and I’ll probably pick the one with all of the thorns.

Syntherion in Pieces

All this said, expect things on the blogging front to be quiet for a bit while I have my head buried in work stuff. Hopefully I will have new shiny stuff to show off later in the month.

Until then, keep the car running…

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