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Why So Cyriss?

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In between painting elves, who will remain my primary Warmachine faction in 2014; I have also been slowly building my new Convergence army. Let’s face it, Privateer Press had me at “Art Deco robots”.

So what’s on the list? Well this is already starting as the faction of lots of robots. Lots of big robots. Unlike my Retribution where I am trying to build something vaguely competitive, my Convergence is going to be based around the models I like. This naïve approach will probably last until I start playing with them.

As a counterpoint to the elves who are all about their single wound infantry, Cyriss has some medium based multi wound infantry options which is new. And then between Field Marshall and Induction nodes, every caster can run lots of jacks (sorry, Vectors). So it looks like I’m going for a few medium and large based robots to start with. Fine by me.

First up will be a unit of Reciprocators and two of the four-legged heavy Vectors. I already hate cleaning up these models so I hope painting them goes a lot faster. I will also be getting a selection of the hovering Vectors when they are available later in the spring.

Then we have the little hover bots, cough Servitors. I like these a lot. As mentioned in a previous post, these remind me of the bots from Terrahawks, and these little guys appear all over the place. In addition to the solo choices, Iron Mother, Prime Axiom and the Battle Engine all have their own Servitors.

And while we are on the subject of flying stuff, I also have two blisters of Clockwork Angels. Again, these bring a uniqueness to Cyriss which I like and they are likely to be the only small base infantry I own for this army.

Strangely, I haven’t talked about any warcasters yet, which seems odd considering the huge influence they have on Convergence forces.

First up is going to be Aurora. She is my favorite model in the faction by a long way. I love her backstory, I love her art in the Forcebook, and I like her model. And her rules look really fun! While she is not Butcher 3, I am pretty sure I can get some use out of Flashing Blade in combination with her movement tricks.

Plus thematically she combines well with the Clockwork Angels. I don’t know about anyone else, but I rather like the idea of winged robots hovering the battlefield, flanking their leader.

Next will be Syntherion. Not because I like the model particularly, but because I have it and he is a very different style of warcaster to anything else I already own in either the elves or Cygnar. Actually that last part is very true for all the Convergence warcasters, they are all very different to anything else in my other two factions.

Anyway, that is my very loose Convergence plan. They are still a few things such as the battle engine and Enigma Foundry that have not been released yet, and I want before I start playing these guys. But for now, I have plenty of work to do!

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