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One of the reasons why I like Warmachine so much is that there is often ways back into a game, even when things look really bad. An example of this was my last game.


As mentioned in the previous post, myself and my opponent turned up with two 50 point points. Marcus had Kromac and Epic Morvahna (the goat lady) and I had Kaelyssa and Ossyan.

As match ups go, none of these seemed too bad for either of us, although would had preferred to see Kromac I think. Unfortunately due to some limitations I placed on myself, I did not have a ‘jamming’ unit available. This is a shame because at this point level, I think you need to have a layered strategy.

This probably requires a little explanation. A jamming unit is a relatively inexpensive or resilient unit used to take the first charge, or just run and engage the enemy. In Retribution the prime unit to fill this function are the Houseguard Halberdiers, and I do have those but… I have a bit of an informal rule that I do not play with unpainted models. This is nominally because if I cannot play something until it is painted, it WILL get painted. And of course everyone knows that painted models roll better dice (this is a myth I would like to believe, but experience has taught me otherwise).

“A jamming unit is a relatively inexpensive or resilient unit used to take the first charge, or just run and engage the enemy.”

This might make me seem a bit of a ‘play it painted’ snob, but fielding a painted army is actually one of the aspects of this hobby I enjoy the most. If anyone has a problem with that, well tough, you are all entitled to your opinions. This is mine.

The flipside is that sometimes I can’t field exactly what I might want to, such as in this case. So instead of Halberdiers, the Mage Hunter Strike Force became my tarpit.

Anyway, back to the game. We rolled up the Incursion scenario and my opponent left his comfort zone, and took eMorvahna; and I stayed firmly in my comfort zone, and took Kaelyssa.

The game itself was a lesson in how effective an attrition play style can be, especially with my inability to take out the Tharn Ravagers which engaged my Strike Force before they could do anything useful.

Suffice to say I was completely out played and out manoeuvred.

This said, one of the reasons I like Kaelyssa, is that she always has options and when her back is against the wall, she can end the game herself. In this case, killing my own Mage Hunters via free strikes, knocking down a Warpwolf Stalker, and clearing out a few key models, gave Kaelyssa the opportunity to advance into range of Morvahna (out of LOS and in a forest), shoot her twice to remove her fury, and then blast her with a spell

Although I only just managed it, I did pull off the assassination. This net effect was that despite playing poorly (or at least getting very outplayed), at least my ego got a little boast; and sometimes that is very nice in itself.

I think this game highlights that I (a) need my Halberdiers on the table and (b) I need to simply play more than I do.

So these are my two challenges over the summer. Anyone else suspect that family and work might interfere with that plan…

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