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Upgrading to 50

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For a fair while, my Warmachine career has been pegged at the 35 point level. I think this a good level to start really playing the game because you have a meaningful army with multiple units and warjacks.

However, at this point level Warmachine can be a little rock/paper/scissors. Bad matchups are a thing in this game (as I’ve discovered quite quickly with Adeptus Rahn) and with fewer points on the table you have less, or more likely, no, tools to work through these.

From my point of view, I have been slowly increasing the size of my Retribution army. Adding the Hyperion gave me a boost in the options I can field, but I’m also working on another big unit, this time some Halberdiers, so I finally have a cheap jamming unit.

I also have some plans for a medium based version of the Halberdiers unit to join Epic Vyros. Yep, I’ve been temped by the Griffon spam list. Well, it has lots of robots, and I like robots. Besides, fielding six or more jacks in a Retribution army will look impressive.

But before those guys are done, I have to write a couple of 50 point lists for this Tuesday. Its my own fault really. Despite once again suffering a huge mind fart and losing with Vyros last week, I still setup game against our Circle player.

The plan is simple enough. Turn up with two 50 point tournament style lists (complete with character restrictions), and rock on from there. Almost a week later, I still haven’t decided on my second warcaster. It might be Rahn, or Vyros, or even Ossyan.

However I have decided to break out Kaelyssa has my first choice because I have not put her on the table for a long time, and at 50 points her list is an easy upgrade of her 35 point list which I’m already very familiar with.

Mage Hunter Strike Force

In this case, I can add back the full Mage Hunter Strike Force unit which was originally dropped for the Invictors, and then I have five points remaining which happens to be the exact cost of the Fane Knight.

While Witch Hound on Hyperion seems interesting, I will probably keep just the Phoenix and Banshee in her battle group. Of course, that might change because I really like POW 22 weapons, because hitting stuff hard is fun.

Anyway, that’s my challenge for this week. Hopefully if I get time, and I don’t get too stomped, I will relay my experiences next time.

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