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Back to Blighty


It being summer, I have had the opportunity to go back to England for a couple of weeks. This has resulted in intense programme of visiting friends and family. But some how, in between the madness, my frankly wonderful wife has also let me out to play some games.

Conveniently, 35 points of Retribution fits perfectly in a GW hardcase (which less squashable under the other luggage in the car), so I have managed to get four separate games of Warmachine with my girl Kaelyssa.

Rather than giving everyone a blow by blow account of each game, I thought a broad summary of the lessons learned is probably in order.  Just for the record, the first two of my games were at 35 points using my standard list (more of less), and two were at 15 points using Kaelyssa, a Banshee, the Mage Hunter Strike Force and two Assassins.

My first game against Jason at the infamous Sad Muppet Society featured Madrak leading a host of Trollbloods. This was singularly interesting because I’ve only played TrollBloods once before and that was only a 10 point game.

My second game the following Monday was against the splendid Ben Clarke from Bracknell Forest Gamers and his Khador led by Zerkova. And then my two 15 point games at Muppets were against Dan Cave’s Skorne (Morghoul) and Gary’s Everblight (Lylyth).

Anyone else noticing a Hordes theme here?

Anyway, the highlights…

  • I must remember some of the basic rules ! In my first game I screwed the melee with my Phoenix. This wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the game, but was a little annoying.
  • Beasties can only shake effects in the control phase. This is really nasty if they are outside the warlocks control range and knocked down!
  • Mage Hunter’s are surprisingly good in melee. This seems to catch a lot of people out…
  • I used Eiryss (Mage Hunter of Ios) against Ben and she was ok, but I think the Artificer seems to work better for me.
  • Knocking over high defence warlocks is horrible! Against Morghoul this sealed his feat very quickly. Dan forgetting to pop his feat really hurt him.
  • I really need to be careful to stop tripping over my own troops. In particular, I am an expert is blocking the Mage Hunter Assassin’s charge lanes with my Mage Hunters. Doh!
  • FEAT. I must remember to use this, and I mostly did!!! In most of my games it really screwed my opponents counter attack plans. The two normal responses to Kaelyssa’s feat at to hang back, or run forward and engage. The second option allowed my Mage Hunters to prove just how useful combined melee attacks are in several games.
  • Deathclock is fun, but I’m not sure my heart can take the pressure! In my one Deathclock game my opponent used ten minutes, compared to my twenty, for a 15 point game. More practice required.

It has to be said, despite winning all four games, this was probably more due to luck rather than judgement. In all but one game, failed assassination runs opened up opportunities for me to nail the opposing caster.

Anyway, a big thank you should go out to everyone I played back in England and especially Jason who give me his spare Rahn model. That would be me buying Battle Mages at somepoint then.

However, my next goal is to paint up Ravyn and some bits to accompany her, including another heavy myrimdon. Oh, and I suppose I ought to write up a review of the Colossals book at somepoint as well…

On a vaguely related subject, it was also nice to the the enthusiasm generated by the latest edition of Warhammer 40000 as players try to work out what does, and does not, work under the new rules. In particular Muppets (a traditional 40K club) was really buzzing on Tuesday when their 6th edition campaign kicked off with a swarm of 500 point games. I’m already thinking about some ideas using my Tau, but that’s a subject for another post…

2 thoughts on “Back to Blighty

  1. Annoyingly some rather stupid “lack of attention” moments pretty much handed you the game on a silver platter. Not to say that list choice and taking the opportunities didnt play a massive part in the game, however I was more than a little annoyed that I didnt play well enough to challenge you properly.

    Basically here were my mistakes:

    – Leaving my Agonizer within shooting range with 4 fury on it. Read the damn card and pay attention to threat ranges Cave!
    – Not feating when I moved pMorghoul within shooting range
    – Forgetting to move my Adnomination effect
    – Not bothering to heal a beast and have him shake/rush/rile to get me fury the following turn

    All in all though it was nice to see that no matter how much time away I STILL cannot beat Rich K. Oh and damn playing Death Clock definitely makes the game play really differently.

    I will have to see about making the pilgrimage over to the continent at some point.

    • Funnily, its normally me making these massive mistakes. I forget to mention the deathclock which adds an interesting dynamic to the game (one which you were much better at managing!).

      And it would be great to see some muppets over our side of Europe! 🙂

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