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When It’s Not Working…

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It is relatively easy to remain enthused when you win the odd game here and there, however I seem to be on the wrong end of a losing streak of my own making recently. There are a few reasons for this.

OK, in fairness I have been outplayed by my opponents as well, however I am not helping matters!

  • Failed Caster/Warlock assassinations. In two of the last three games I’ve gone for warlock kills, which didn’t work. Although Kaelyssa is perfectly capable of pulling these off on average dice, and really should step back and implement a backup plan when things go awry, such as rolling triple ones to hit…
  • Feat. I really must remember to use Kaelyssa’s feat! My two turn, every game. I MUST REMEMBER THIS!
  • I’m using a set list. OK, this has plus points, however I have been largely using the same caster and list for three months, whilst I have not played the same caster or warlock more than once. On the flip side I’m learning what a lot of things do in the game, mostly the hard way!
  • Spells and tricks. The meta at SPIF seems to be more Hordes than Warmachine, and this nullifies a good part of Kaelyssa’s spell list, and reduces the effectiveness of the Mage Hunter Strike Force. This is unhelpful even if she has other tricks with fury management.

Of course, its not all bad. I’m rapidly learning how to use my Mage Hunter Assassins and they have done sterling work in the last three game; one almost ‘one shot’ a warp wolf last night!

The first part of the solution is probably going to be a new caster to mix things up a bit. As of writing, I have Ravyn and Ossyan undercoated. Although this plays more into the ranged game, they both have some excellent possibilities.

I’m also thinking of swapping either the Phoenix or Banshee for Discorda in these lists. And his imprint will stack nicely on some invictors, so that is an option.

The other plan is to simply play more games and remember my own rules. I have some ideas for that as well whilst I’m off work for the next week. Actually, the first big thing will be not working as I have plenty of other things going on in my life to distract me from Warmachine at the moment.

In the meantime, I have always three kids if I need a hug after a game.

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