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Return of the Space Pixies


Games Workshop seem to be on a roll as far as I’m concerned at the moment. Firstly, they release a new codex for my number two army, Tau, but a mere two months later, my main 40K army is also getting a revamp. Result!


I will reserve judgement on the book until it hits the streets in a couple weeks, however compared to the Tau launch, the Eldar launch is a little lite.

Firstly the bad stuff, no new jet bike sculpts, no plastic aspect warriors and only a handful of new HQs. I suspect after the stock issues following the Tau release, GW are taking a more steady approach, or the Eldar release has been rushed to market before the full release of toys was ready. And why did we need another Farseer sculpt?

Considering the age of some of the existing Eldar miniatures, such as the jet bikes, which have been repackaged (?), this is REALLY disappointing.

On the flip side, the three big plastic kits accompanying this release look absolutely excellent.

To start with, the new plastic Wraithguard kit finally makes the unit affordable, and better still gives us multiple poses and a completely new unit, the melee oriented Wraithblades. Aside from the fact the Wraithguard really needed a plastic kit, I actually like the new Wraithblades and I think these fit really well with the Eldar background.


And speaking of robots, the pixies get their very own giant robot thing in the same vein as the Dreadknight and the Tau Riptide; however the Wraithknight is… err… a bit bigger. From the looks of things, the Wraithknight is only a little smaller than the Revenant Titan, and while the version with the shield looks a bit naff, it looks ace with two main guns.

OK, in fairness this is a £70 kit, but it is still dreamy and I want one.


And finally the third plastic kit is the flyer. I will quickly gloss over the Hemlock option because I do not think it fits the Eldar aesthetic very well, however, the Crimson Hunter looks excellent. Actually, I would say the Hunter is easily the best looking flyer in the entire 40K range and unlike most of them, it actually looks plausible. A++ I think; which means it will probably be rubbish in the game.

Crimison Hunter

Anyway, so far, while I like these kits, I’m bit disappointed in this release because GW could have done so much more with it. This said, it has been a while since I was excited about a 40K release and I’m looking forward to these guys alot.

Hopefully a second wave of Eldar is just around the corner, but in the meantime I have to decide if I’m going to finish the grav tanks I have, or buy some more toys…

9 thoughts on “Return of the Space Pixies

  1. When I was thinking about starting with 40K last year, I was torn between Tau and Eldar. Since I still have not gotten around to painting all my Tau, this one does not really exite me enough to start a second army, but I think I might still get me the codex to see if I shall one day buy a few Eldar.

  2. My hopes exactly. At least new bikes for goodness sake. I grow weary of the ‘Sunday afternoon crushing on their Harley’ jet bikes. I want the ‘get the h#ll off of my exodite world jetbike.’
    Also, I gotta agree with Burkhard, why two such similar forces in a row? Why not mix in baddies like Orks or something distinctly different (I.e. evil) between “good” races. Most people I play with, myself included are drawn to Eldar and Tau. All said though, I love ALL the new stuff.

    • I’m not going to complain about Tau and Eldar relaunching within a couple months of each other, but yes, they are similar in style which is probably also why I have both. 🙂

  3. New Eldar Flyer (either crewed by Warlock or else Crimson Hunter crewed by Eldar or by “Fighter ace” Exarch equivalent) looks partly borrowed from style of F16 Falcon or Eurofighter Typhoon.
    Did I mention GW are also releasing an Iyandin Codex at a pricetag of a further £30?

  4. Afterthought – to re-style your Jetbikes, try putting a Craftworld Eldar head onto a Reaver Jetbike rider on an Craftworld Eldar Jetbike model?

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