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The Rise of the Eldar


My new eldar project continues to make progress and after this weekend I have now finished the final conversion project, my warlocks.


These guys were built using the Ranger torsos from Microart Studios together with guardian legs, and an assortment of eldar weapon arms. The cloaks were sculpted in grey stuff and finished with a grey stuff belt.

A little time consuming, but they were pretty straight forward to build and look the part.


As mentioned last time, the Rangers are painted, although they still require a little detailing on their bases. In addition to this, the Fire Dragons, Warp Spiders, Maugan Ra, and the jetbikes are all undercoated.

Next up should be my Farseer which I’ve almost finished, although I might have to try some freehand on his cloaks. After that, I will probably start Mr Ra.

I say probably, because I went a little mad last week and I ordered an airbrush. If the compressor arrives anytime soon I think I’ll have to test it on the bikes first!

2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Eldar

  1. where do you buy all your eldar armies from?

  2. Sweet! Lovely idea.

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