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At the Sharp End of a Pointy Stick

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I got my first game of the year at Sad Muppets tonight against my regular (well, sort of regular, bearing in mind I live in Sweden now) opponent Dave OJ. As we are both entering A Small Matter of Honour in May, it seemed only sensible to face off our two Grey Knight armies.

Mine, I’ve already discussed (here is a PDF if you are interested), however Dave’s Grey Knights are a completely different spin from the codex.

Dave has put together a horde Grey Knight  army, trying to squeeze in as much infantry and as many psycannons as possible. His HQ is two Inquisitors whose primarily purpose is to control his reserves. Then Dave has 35 Grey Knights in power armour, ten in Terminator armour, and two Dreadknights.

Our game was Annihilation using pitched battle deployment, and I got first turn.

My first trick was to take out Dave’s Inquisitors, however Dave cleverly opted to walk on from his board edge which I missed. This was my first mistake, so when Dave’s troops came on in turn two, he was well within range to make the most of his superior short range shooting.

Unfortunately for me, my first causality was my Dreadnought. My second mistake was not to push my Purifiers forward once I was committed to Dave’s half of the board. In the following turn Dave removed the Stormraven and with it my biggest advantage, mobility.

From here in Dave simply outshot my army, all but wiping them from the board and obviously getting a very convincing victory.

The biggest lesson from this game is that I really need to pay attention to the scenario, and remember that my army is very much a glass hammer which has to be used decisively.

In this game I had all the advantages of terrain, mobility, first turn, and was even two kill points up in turn two; and by making two or three mistakes (and getting suckered by OJ into a very good trap), I lost the game.

Methinks I need more practice. A lot more practice!

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