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Dice Bags for the Masses

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My better half’s dice bag business, KOed, has been running for about a year now, and ahead of her updating some of her designs later in the spring, I thought it would be cool to show off some of the dice bags she has already made.

Most of these are custom designs for people or limited runs with special fabrics, however if you want anything in particular, contact or look on the website.

In the meantime, enjoy…

Camo Fabrics

These are the core of the standard KOed range.

Limited Edition Fabrics

These are normally runs of ten of less bags depending on the availability of the fabric. Many of these are made from very rather posh quilting fabric.

Embroidered Designs

KOed can digitize most designs and embroider them onto a dice bag. Here is a selection of some of the ones that where made last year…

Furry Fabrics

And finally, the furry dice bags, to keep your dice warm and cosy during the dark winter nights…

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