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Return to Titan?


Well boys and girls, it is almost April and the Grey Knights Codex will be out at the weekend, and I have to say I’m a little excited. Why? Well so far the Grey Knights have had one army list, back in the eighties in the Slaves to Darkness book. Although little different from other marine chapters of the time, the Grey Knights were setup as the best of the best, the ultimate defenders of humanity.

Then when terminators were added to the range, the Grey Knights finally got their signature unit. It has to be said, a unit of five level 4 psykers for 2000 points a unit might have been quite powerful even in Rogue Trader days,  but this  set the scene for the Grey Knight terminators of the Daemonhunter Codex.

At this point it should be obvious, I’m a fan of the Grey Knights, and have been since they first appeared. A few years ago I took advantage of the shiny new power armoured and terminator models to build a daemonhunter force as a distraction from the ongoing Blood Angels projects. With a simpler paint scheme, the Grey Knights came together much faster; however since the introduction of 5th edition Warhammer 40000, they have only been out for one game.

Anyway, on to my dilemma… As the new Codex is out, and my favourite tournament, A Small Matter of Honour, is just over a month, do I take my Grey Knight force, the Paladins of Titan?

Opinion is divided at club. A few guys are already putting together Grey Knight forces, seduced by the modest model count required and shininess of the new Codex. However, this was counted by a friend of mine telling me in no uncertain terms, I do not need a new shiny codex to exploit at our club tournament.

However, as with my Blood Angels last year, any tournament army would be a quick adaptation of my existing collection, and that means painting as few models as possible. I reckon that means three models. My Grand Master, which is already assembled and undercoated; one normal Grey Knight in power armour; and the Stormraven I acquired last month.

At my speed of painting, this might be ambitious; however the first thing will be to see if it works out points wise, so I will be picking up the Codex on Saturday I think.

In the meantime, here is the army so far, hope you like them…


2 thoughts on “Return to Titan?

  1. Hi,

    Those grey knights are really nice.

    I don’t think they’ll be many grey knight armies at the tournament, as the book is only just being released (only people like yourself who already have an army will have one ready in time). It’s always nice to have a more diverse mix of attendees.

    If you can do an ok list with the models you have, why not ? Knowing GW you may end up with a few weapon swaps required, probably the dreads to twin autocannons and psy-bolts (4 str 8 shots rerolling to hit for 135 pts seem excellent).

    I’m way behind on my painting for ASMOH, at this rate I’ll be taking my Tau again 😦


    • Seriously considering taking them. Need to look through the codex first of course so I’m off to Basingstoke GW tomorrow morning to grab a copy. 🙂

      My original plan was to take my new Eldar, however with just one squad done, that isn’t going to happen! Damn work! (Warmachine, family, etc etc etc)

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