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Feldherr Maxi Review

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Hi all, I don’t normally do reviews, but in the spirit of writing what I want to, here is a short review of my new figure case, sent from Berlin with love (apparently).

Sometime ago I picked up one of Feldherr‘s Mini figure cases whilst in Denmark on a business trip. The version I picked up was a limited edition and is an absolutely excellent case; perfectly fitting into my rucksack or messenger bag as required.

However with my growing Warmachine collection the time has come for something a little bigger…

No, Not That Maxi

After significant musing, and pouring over various different bags on the market; I came back to the Feldherr and their Maxi bag (I’m pretty sure this isn’t named after the car my father used to own). This is a ‘soft’ figure case and only reinforced on the top and bottom. Unless you are planning to sit on it (or trust it to airport baggage handlers), this isn’t a massive problem; and it does mean it is a lot lighter than hardcases or hybrids like the Battlefoam bags.

The particular version I have is the 2010 fieldgrey limited edition. This is made from an even lighter material than the normal version, although the material still looks pretty durable (its quite similar to tent material I think). Whilst I have absolutely no concerns about the build quality of the bag itself (typical German engineering); I’m not convinced by the plastic clips for the shoulder strap. However zip fasteners and the badge are all metal and reassuringly solid.

The bag itself is designed to take five standard size 25mm foam trays. And by standard size, I mean the same size that GW and KR Multicase use. As I already own a few GW cases this is very handy. Whilst I’m on the subject of foam, I should point out Feldherr supply their foam unassembled so you need to stick it together. This is just a case of peeling the backing off and putting the tray and base together.

I have to admit I prefer Feldherr’s softer foam to some of the higher density products on the market because it tends to be more forgiving on the models themselves. For my case I ordered three standard trays for my troops; plus one 60mm pluck tray for my warjacks.

I’m pretty sure I will be able to fit my entire Cygnar and Retribution armies in this one case with room to spare.

Unlike the GW and KR cases of this size; the Maxi also includes a front pocket for an army codex or (in my case) templates. This is really good, but more pockets would have been nice.

Overall this case seems well put together and is far more stylish than anything else on the market. It is a lot more subtle than having a figure case with a huge Imperial Eagle on the side. It is also rather practical because it carries only one less tray than GW’s big army case, whilst only being only slightly fatter than a standard GW figure case. I’m pretty sure this case would carry any of my tournament Space Marine armies quite happily.

The only downside I can see is the lack of end pockets (for things like dice bags) and the lack of side/front/back reinforcement. Adding these would put it into the same league as the Battlefoam bags in terms of functionality. However at approximately £45 (even with the rubbish sterling/euro exchange rate) I reckon its still great value and it looks fab!

To top it all, Feldherr seem to be typically efficient (just to reinforce the German sterotype), with my bag arriving just a few days after I ordered it.

This bag gets a big thumbs up from me! Happy bunny.

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