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Unfortunately I haven’t updated this blog as often I would liked this month. The reason is simple enough, I haven’t finished anything new yet. This is mostly because life has gotten in the way (kids, work, kids again, more work, snow, Mass Effect 2 etc etc). However I have an enforced period at home (snow plus airplane equals cancelled trip) and I’m in need of some writing therapy.

Combined with a little guilt over not posting on here, and after looking over my paint station, I thought I’d post some random musing about finishing stuff, and why it is so important to my hobby.

To understand this requires a little context. I started wargaming at 14. At 14 there’s a lot of other stuff going on, and being honest, I was (am) a bit lazy; so I collected everything I could get my hands on, painted the bits liked until I got bored, and then moved on.

Roll forward 10(ish) years when I got back into this hobby. After picking up a few Battlefleet Gothic ships in the local Games Workshop, I trawled through the remains of my miniature collection and one model stood out.

It was a fairly nicely played eldar ranger which I still use today, however the base wasn’t done. Not even started. As silly as it sounded, this really annoyed me and ever since then I’ve only fielded fully painted, based, finished models in my armies; except for that ranger.

For me at least, a big part of gaming is suspending disbelief and enjoying the narrative of a game, with all its heroes and villains, and crazy moments. And fielding a finished army is important to that. Even building each army is a hugely satisfying achievement, and something to be a little proud of.

That brings us back to finishing stuff. For me deadlines are the key, even made up ones. A game, a tournament, a club night, Christmas day; it doesn’t really matter, however by giving myself a deadline I have something to work too.

Plus there also a couple a habits I’ve got into to help myself along. For example, the basing is always done first, or at least as much as I can do before painting the model itself. Where possible, I paint in sequence; base coat everything, shade everything, then highlight each colour in turn, etc, etc.

The final act on each model is painting the base rim. This little ritual tidies up piece but more importantly marks the point where I decide I’ve finished.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, back to paint station and the Firefly warjack that still needs some highlighting…

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