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At last its finished! I started painting this model about two months ago, however (as always) life has gotten in the way. Anyway, its finally done so that’s me up to 32 points.


In hindsight, perhaps less gold on this one might have made it easier…

Next up will be the test model for the second Warmachine force and some Storm Guard. Oh, and there’s that little 12 point jack to do as well.

2 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Looking really good.
    Love the golds. And the runes and electric parts look amazing.
    Whats the next faction then?

    • Thanks Hendybadger. I’m quite proud of the golds on all of this army because NMM is stretching my painting skill to the limit. The next faction will have to remain a surprise until after Christmas (there are a few bit for it sitting under the tree). Next up will probably be some Storm Guard.

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